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Join us for an opportunity to explore how your beliefs are affecting your reality and how you can use the Avatar tools to change the blueprint you operate from. The intro nights are filled with awakening to new possibilities and discovering the preciousness of life. If you are interested in creating the rest of your life more deliberately or if you have found yourself in a repeating pattern that you would like to change, we feel you will find The Avatar Course to be very inspiring and empowering.

Avatar Course

The AvatarĀ® Course is available throughout the year at locations spread around the world. We invite you to come and learn the tools of Avatar in a safe, comfortable, caring environment. Fostering international compassion and peace, this setting promotes deep connections beyond all boundaries of culture, religion, race, or age. Establish life-long friendships as you explore consciousness with your new, diverse, worldwide community. Discover for yourself the magic of Avatar and experience the synergy of many people, just like you, learning and growing together with a common purpose.

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