The International Avatar Course in Orlando, FL – July 6 – 14, 2013

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What an incredible and life changing experience to deliver the Avatar Course to my youngest daughter, Sydne (17 at the time)!!! Sydne  made friends with Noah (16 from Minnesota) on the first day of Resurfacing and from that point on they were inseparable. We watched and coached our young ones explore, expand, bloom and flourish, using the Avatar exercises. Huge gains were achieved and lifelong friendships were made. No words can express the experience! You just have to take the course and experience it for yourself : )

Wizards Course 2013, Orlando, FL

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Photographs and memories from Avatar Wizards Course 2013 where around 3500 people from over 60 countries gathered together to better themselves to improve the world!

Avatar Wizards Course 2012

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Photographs and memories from the 2012 Avatar Wizards Course in Daytona Beach, FL. Over 3,000 people from over 70 countries fly in every year to explore their own conscoiusness and mass conscoiusness in order to make the world a better place. The Wizards Course is fun! It’s also the deppest coolest game on planet earth!

Managing Change

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Harry Palmer describes processes for managing change using the Avatar tools. Recorded live at the Orlando Professional Course – October 16, 2008.

International Avatar Course in Orlando, FL Jan. 10-18, 2009

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The most recent International Avatar Course was held in Orlando, FL and consisted of over 400 students and Masters from more than 40 countries.  In a safe, caring and comfortable environment, an International team of licensed Avatar Masters guided the students in an exploration of their consciousness and how life works.

One by one as the “Newest Avatar on Planet Earth” were announced, there was a renewed sense of hope and joy for the awakening of our beautiful planet.

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